Hiring A Paver

Chip and Seal Pavers provides free estimates for residential and commercial paving projects. We have been a reputable paving contractor for years. When contemplating paving there are several things to consider:

1. Asphalt is only as good as the aggregate base it is placed on. Certain types of natural ground conditions such as clay, will require a greater depth of granular and it is important to confirm this first. The aggregate surface is then paved with a minimum of 2 inches of asphalt (after compaction) to provide a durable surface.

2. For a severely cracked, older driveway it requires that the old asphalt and faulty gravel base be completely removed.

3. For driveway resurfacing, where minor cracks have appeared, a layer of asphalt over the original driveway is sufficient.

4. With driveway paving you will receive what you pay for. Paving is a major undertaking involving expensive supplies and equipment. A first class paving job includes proper preparation and should last at least 10 years with routine care.

Our home office is located in Victoria, Texas. We work state wide including San Antonio and Dallas areas.

Count on Chip and Seal Pavers for the following:

New Construction
Removal & Replace
Basketball Courts
Over existing stone
Dumpster Pads
Golf Paths
Bicycle Paths

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